Top 4 Framing Shops in Singapore

In this article, we run through some of the best options for picture framing in Singapore. Whether you’re looking to frame a piece of fine art, a poster, print, or photograph, or something more unusual like a scarf or puzzle, these places have got you covered.


The only frame maker in Singapore that provides an end-to-end online experience for buying a custom-made frame. You can input the size of your item in centimeters, select from a range of popular frame styles and mat borders, then buy online. Frames are delivered to your door within 3-5 business days.

The quality of the frames from FrameIT is really quite excellent. You will notice this upon delivery if you compare the quality to those you might buy off-the-shelf from a department store. Aside from the high quality, the main benefit is that unlike buying a pre-made frame from IKEA for example, FrameIT enables complete customization, such that your item fits perfectly.

The only consideration is that you will need to mount the item yourself, which is very easy, but more applicable to those ordering frames for posters, prints, photographs, puzzles. If you would prefer to have a framing shop directly mount and seal the frame for you, then Merlin Frame Maker or Arts in Mind would be better.


Merlin Frame Maker

Having been established back in 1942, Merlin Frame Maker is arguably the premier framing brand in Singapore. They have 3 retail outlets in River Valley, Paragon, and Waterloo Centre where you can speak with highly experienced framing specialists and view a large range of some 600+ frame moulds.

If you’re not sure what style to choose or you’re framing an expensive piece of artwork, there are no few options better than Merlin. The quality materials and outlets do however result in a slightly premium price point, but you get what you pay for.


Arts in Mind

Whilst this framing company doesn’t have a physical retail space, they do offer home/office pickup and delivery at very competitive rates. The quality of the framing and canvas stretching is good, and because of the lack of retail space, their prices are often lower than the other major framing shops.

If you want canvas stretching or a relatively simple frame style such as ‘black’ or ‘white’ then you can order with confidence from Arts in Mind.


Ittibaa Glazing Enterprise Pte Ltd

Located opposite Boon Keng MRT station, Ittibaa provides reasonable canvas stretching and framing at affordable prices. If you’re framing something of low monetary or sentimental value, or simply something that you don’t expect to keep for the long term, then this is a really good option for the budget-conscious.

If you’re looking for a higher quality of stretcher bar or external frame, we would recommend FrameIT, Merlin Frame Maker or Arts in Mind.


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